Dragonami is blog that’s been an on again of again hobby project. On the whole, the posting schedule is incosistent and the topics which are discuss vary as wildly as the interests of the author. And while the internet dream is montization and being able to quit one’s day job to pursue what used to be a hobby full time. The proprietor of this website has no such illusions and only wishes to use this platform as an outlet for what they find interesting, frustrating, or entertaining in the moment and not what the search algorithm gods deem would give hundreds of thousands of views.

To that end, you can expect an scattershot collection of thoughts, ideas, and topics depending one what the author is hyperfocused on at any given time. While the author would not be upset if others found these musings entertaining, uplifting, or the cause of any other emotions, it is by no means the goal.

Since you find yourself, dear reader, on the about page, the assumption is you connected with one or more of these ramblings. This site has no comment section, but feel free to connect with the author on Twitter. If you do not have a Twitter, then email would be your next best option. But don’t feel obligated, you are more than welcome to just read and go about your day.

Whatever you choose, thanks for stopping by and engaging in some way with the ramblings of a sarcastic thirty-something.