Star Wars: A New Hope in 4K…Maybe

Chris Smith at BGR:

Star Wars: A New Hope is the movie that started it all, and this summer fans will celebrate its 40th anniversary. Disney and Lucasfilm may have a special treat in store for Star Wars fans, a new 4K version of A New Hope that could be shown in select theaters. In fact, Rogue One director Gareth Edwards revealed in an interview that he has already seen a 4K cut of the movie, which apparently existed while he was preparing for the first Star Wars spinoff movie.

At this point, this is all rumors and speculation. Disney / Lucasfilm may have no intention of releasing a 4K version of the film this summer, or ever. But if they do, you can bet your tookus I’ll be in a theater giving them my money. If for nothing else, just to experience the original trilogy, or any part of it, in a theater again.