The Worst ‘Star Wars’ Movie

Carrie Wittmer writing for Business Insider:

The movie is so unwatchable — save for Ewan McGregor’s welcome presence, for which he should win some kind of peace prize — that it literally took me weeks to watch it. I could only bear it in 20-30 minute intervals. At a painful and unnecessary 2 hours and 22 minutes, “Attack of the Clones” makes watching the depressing ending of “Rogue One” on repeat sound appealing.

I agree that ‘Attack of the Clones’ is the weakest entry in the ‘Star Wars’ film franchise, but my negative feelings aren’t anywhere near Carrie’s. She does make some valid points, like the overuse of CGI, and some truly cringeworthy lines. On the whole, however, I think it’s an enjoyable film.