Halide: One Year Later

Ben Sandofsky writing at the official Halide blog:

We set out to build Halide after trying every major camera app and being left unsatisfied. We wanted an app for thoughtful, deliberate photography, not selfies. We wanted a tactile experience that felt like a high-end physical camera. We wanted the professional tools you’d end on a DSLR.

We hoped others shared our experience. We hoped critics understood what we were going for, and would forgive a few missing features. We hoped the app economy wasn’t dead, and you could still make a few bucks. […]

One year later we can say Halide has exceeded our wildest expectations.

Halide is my camera app of choice. I know it’s built with professionals in mind, and there is definitely a lot of power packed into it, but even if you want a little more control than what the native app gives you, you could use automatic settings for what you don’t want to fiddle with. I’ve been blown away by how good it is and how much I’ve been able to learn by experimenting with different settings. Happy first year to Halide, and I hope it’s around for many more.