Siri Gets New Airline, Food Order and Dictionary Shortcuts, With More on the Way

Brian Heater reporting for TechCrunch:

There are five new Shortcuts available starting today. Most notable (depending on where you get your airline miles, I suppose) is probably the one from American Airlines. Saying, “Hey Siri, flight update” will provide you with information on your upcoming travel plans. […]

Caviar has a new Shortcut as well. It lets users check on food status or reorder frequent items, like, say, “order my usual pizza,” for those of us who are perfectly fine with the food related ruts we’ve dug ourselves into. Merriam-Webster, meanwhile, is adding a “word of the day” Shortcut, while Dexcom is bringing glucose monitoring to the smart assistant. […]

In the next couple of months, Apple will add Shortcuts from Airbnb, Drop, ReSound and coffee-maker Smarter. Those all join recent additions from Waze and Nike Run Club.

This is great. I was worried that this would be another Apple Siri feature that was introduced and never touched again for a year or two if ever. This makes me excited for the future potential of Siri and puts it closer to other digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant.